Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Yes! so like today uhh nothing really exciting happened! mm i woke up and didn't want to go 2 school so i said i was sick but i had 2! then i went to school and found out that jason was suspended and that PISSED ME OFF because he didn't do anything to aaron! then i uh did stuff... and me kat n kelly played with BARBIES in spanish! haha cuz for some reason mabrey has them in her class? hmm yes... and me n liss were 100% lonering and got a little 2 into shrek in spanish! and then in math grecko made fun of me alot.. but i didn't know at the time.. cuz i didn't relize it... and then yea every1 was laughing! and alyssa did that one thing where you put ur hand over ur head and go whoosh then he hit me with a book yes so like ne ways then i came home and slept because my head hurt! ooo! and then ok so like i woke up after my nappy time and made fries... and i left like the VERY corner of the oven mit on the stove when i took them out! then i was making oatmeal cuz its good! and i came back 2 the computer and talked to alexis for like a minute when the water was boiling... and like i walk into the kitchen and the whole thing was on fire (the oven mit) but i am smart! i know about fire safty! and so like i threw it in the sink and put water on it!! sweet isn't it? im amazing and great!

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